Send money to Pakistan
PKR 360.55*
Updated on 22/07/24 1pm
Send ➧ Pounds: £120.00
Receive ➧ Rupee: 43266.00
Total ➧ £0 fee = £120.00*
Send £120.00 to Pakistan and Receive 43266.00 Rupee Noshahi Tech Fee apply transaction under £86

I do not charge extra fee. Calculating Top Rate 360.55* Other rate is 358.00* Bank Deposit 360.55* Bank/Depo/New 360.55* Instant Deposit 000.00*
Send Money with us / Send Money to Pakistan / Toller lane Money Transfer / GBP to PKR / Send Money to Home Best rate PKR / Send Money to India / Send Money Bradford Toller ln BD9 / Money Transfer on Toller ln Bradford / Send Money to Home Noshahi Tech Toller lane Bradford
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Check Today Rate GBP to PKR Send Money to Pakistan
Noshahi Tech
Send money to Pakistan
(Send money with us. 0 Transaction fee*. Thank you)
Bank deposit all PK banks, Best rate to UBL, Allied, Mezaan, Bank AL Falah MCB and Habib Bank
➀➧ Top PKR 360.55* ➁➧ PKR 358.00* ➂➧ Bank/Depo/New* 360.55*➃➧ Instant Deposit PKR 000.00* Updated on 22/07/24 1pm (Send money with us. 0 Transaction fee*. Thank you) ➄➧ Estimated India INR 108.20* India rate Updated on 22/07/24 *

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