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Q: I bought lycamobile sim with bundle, but bundle is not added yet?
A: Your lyca number is written on packing, write it in message box and ask for activate my bundle. Send me a message using ( Contact us ) its free. I activate bundle after you recieved the sim, in this way you'll get full 30 days of bundle. (restriction, it will be applied to our sent number only) I already have your number but you need to confirm by contacting us that you received sim.

Q: How can I contact you?
A: It is free to send a message us using our online contact form only ( Contact us ). I have mobile number 07878653714 and whatsApp on same number. This is UK standard Mobile number, If you don't have national mobile minutes on your plan then you'll be charged at national rate by your network.

Q: Can I use computer or Laptop at your shop to print?
A: Sorry No computer access.

Q: Can I use your internet?
A: Sorry no internet access.

Q: How Can I print?
A: You have to email or whatsapp your printable file to print.

Q: Which email is to send my print file?
A: If your first time Please visit my shop.

Q: Can I send Money Online with you?
A: No Only at Shop 104b Tollerlane in person.

Q: What country you can send money?
A: I can send money worldwide*.

Q: How can I send money?
A: You must be over 18 and have a valid Photo ID (Driving Licence or Passport).

Q: How you send money?
A: I am authorised agent.

Q: Can I Pay by card or account transfer to send money?
A: No only cash accepted and over £500 you must have proof of funds .

Q: What is proof of fund?
A: Bank statement shows draw money out or wage slip, and shuld be latest in date.

Q: Where is my order number or ref?
A: If you entered correct email address, email sent to you with order number check spam folder etc or contact me.

Q: When deal item is change?
A: Deal item changes itself with active user and currently time is set to every 1 hours and Next Deal is on 15pm..

Q: Where is discount code?
A: Discount code is EID15 , discount is 15% and expires on 25/07/21.

Q: Do you deliver all items?
A: No some items for local delivery or collection only.

Q: How much is delivery?
A: Collection is free, Local delivery from £3.00+ 3% of total, Normal delivery £2.49 and £4.99 depends on order. And digital order processing £0.00. (Bradford BD9 Only.)

Q: How can I order Local delivery?
A: Add items to cart and checkout, select collection and place order after placed order, you contact me, order must be paid online before we attempt to deliver it. (Bradford BD9 Only.)

Q: How much is Local delivery and area?
A: Local delivery is £3.00+ 3% of total, you can see at checkout. (Bradford BD9 Only.)

Q: Where can I collect my item?
A: Noshahi Tech 104b Tollerlane Bradford BD9 5DU.

Q: How long you keep collection order?
A: Collection order is valid after placed for 24 hrs only. You must collect order same day or before shop closing time on next working day. (check shop opening time). example(Order placed on Sunday morning must be collected before closing time on Monday.)

Q: Do I need to sign up account to buy?
A: No You don't need to sign up to buy from our online site.

Q: My cart is epmty itself?
A: Don't use back button or refresh at cart page, it will empty itself. Also our cart system don't hold item for long time (30 minuts).

Q: Why prices are cheaper than in store?
A: To keep always new stock and get new customers.

Noshahi Tech
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Phone: 07878653714 (text only)

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Our GBP to PKR rates
Last Updated = 29/07/21 11am
Top Rate = 223.25*
Other = 222.00*
Bank Deposit= 223.25*
Westernunion= 218.7366*
Bank/Depo/New= 223.25*
India INR= 102.50*
INR updated on 29/07/21

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