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Aux Cable Universal 3.5mm Jack To Jack Braided Male For Mp3 Phone Car
Brand: unknown
Condition: New
LN#: LN2021631
Universal 3.5mm Jack To Jack Braided Male Aux Cable
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Universal 3.5mm Jack to Jack Braided Male Aux Cable
3.5mm Braided Jack to Jack Audio Cable.
Compatible with PC, Laptop, iPhone, iPad,Mobile, Smart Phones, MP3, MP4 and all devices that have a 3.5mm Port.
Plug and Play.
Soft Texture Cable.
Braided Cable Endures Pulling and Folding.
Chrome Finished Plugs and Nickel Plated Contacts.
High Strength PVC jacket provides maximum protection to the cable while minimizing signal.
loses and statics.
Unparalleled Quality and Top-Line Performance for Home Theater Audio Equipment.

Approx Fully Extended Length: 1 Meter
AWG: 28
Diameter: 0.6mm
Material: Braided
Color: Red

1x 3.5mm Male Jack to Jack Coiled Aux Cable.
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15% OFF £2.99
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Aux Cable Universal 3.5mm Jack To Jack Braided Male For Mp3 Phone Car
Aux Cable Universal 3.5mm... £1.69

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